FREE Gourmet Dinner Seminars with Dr. Alejandro

In order to understand Dr. Alejandro’s approach and how she can help you change your life, she asks all future patients to attend a FREE Gourmet Dinner Seminar, with your spouse or significant other, and/or friends or co-workers. If Dr. Alejandro’s approach speaks to you and you feel motivated and inspired to CHANGE YOUR LIFE – you can schedule a consultation at that time. Please call NOW to reserve a seat at Dr. Alejandro’s next dinner presentation!

Wellness and Health Consultation/Evaluation

At Core Optimal Health Solutions (COHS), our number one goal is to bring true health, wellness and knowledge to everyone. We strive to stay at the top of the optimal health ladder by providing our members with a thorough education and wellness experience. After thoroughly evaluating our practice members’ health status and treatment needs, we provide them with the tools & information that allows them to achieve maximum results. You will receive the utmost in care and support in making the necessary lifestyle choices that restore health and vibrancy. In our practice, we also understand that health is not just the “absence of disease”, but also encompasses physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellness. Dr. Alejandro and the entire COHS Team are here to support you in every way. Our members are truly like family!

We will put out 110% effort to help you become healthy and truly well. We expect you to put forth the same effort. We do not accept failure with our patients and we have weekly meetings between doctors and staff to ensure that we achieve excellent results for our members. We will fully assess your health concerns and take the right steps to provide the best in your health and wellness experience. Dr. Alejandro’s philosophy is, “I will never prescribe or recommend something for you that I wouldn’t take or do myself, or give to my family.” Of course, we will also make it as fun as possible!!

Nutritional Supplementation/Counseling

You’ve heard “you are what you eat”, but even more important than that: you are what you absorb. Nutrition and proper nutritional supplementation are key elements in your education and Wellness Program. It is foundational in recovering from hormonal dysfunction, inflammation, unhealthy lifestyles, being overweight, gastrointestinal disorders and a host of other health problems. Proper nutrition and quality, tailored supplementation based on your particular needs are a necessity for becoming healthier, more fit, and looking and feeling your best. Your individual health plan is created based on your history, current symptoms and thorough diagnostic evaluations to determine what you and your body require to heal, repair, recover and/or maintain an optimal state of wellness.

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