5 Pillars of Optimized Health

January 25, 2012

Nervous System –

This pillar of optimized health is really the master computer that controls every function in your body. When it’s out of sync, you’re out of sync. I show you ways to “re-boot” it for optimum performance and efficiency. This allows wellness care to become 95% self-care. You benefit by being able to tell your doctor, “Goodbye,” or at least, “We won’t need to be seeing so much of each other anymore.”

Hormone function –

Learn about the devastating outcomes of hormone imbalances and how they affect your sleep cycles, carbohydrate cravings, digestion, and sex drive.  You’ll learn about the three fat storing hormones that prevent weight loss and lead to belly fat. I show you how to easily test for these hormones in the comfort of your own home. You benefit by learning how to get your hormones back in balance, naturally, and not by taking high-risk synthetics.

Detoxification –

Our world is more toxic than ever. We absorb these toxins through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the medications we take, and all the chemical additives in our food, including hormones in meat and milk products. These chemicals play havoc on our body by blocking the effects of natural hormones on target tissues and preventing the absorption of nutrients. I show you the proper ways to rid your body of these dangerous toxins, allowing for improved digestion, more energy and clearer skin.

Nutrition –

Understand why cutting calories and yo-yo diets really increase your body fat percentage. Let me tell you about foods that energize and nourish while activating the six fat-burning hormones. You’ll gain the benefit of a lifestyle that allows pleasure in eating rather than rigidity that leads to failure.

Fitness –

Learn how to exercise right, not harder. My approach is an exact science that gets you burning fat 24/7. I take you through baby steps that will prevent you from making the mistake of over-exercising. You’ll no longer spend 30 to 60 minutes on a treadmill, which can actually work against you. With Metamorphosis, you become a master at transforming your body, spending no more than 35–40 minutes at exercise three times per week.