Could Your Food Be Making You Tired?

June 23, 2013

House & Food 63If you suffer from fatigue, including Chronic Fatigue, you may wish to examine your diet. Fatty foods, and foods full of sugar and starch can have an adverse effect on the body. Therefore, if you tend to gravitate toward fast food, or often choose red meat, fries, white bread, potato chips and sodas over fresh fruits and vegetables, it is no wonder that you are run down. You are not obtaining the nutrition that you need to give your body energy.

If adjustments to your diet do not completely eradicate your fatigue, please call my office, here in Scottsdale, for your health consultation. My team and I will help to make sure that there is not a more serious underlying condition and help to get you on the path to fully reclaiming your health! (480) 418-2653