November 17, 2015


Is Belly Fat an unwelcome guest? Having trouble losing those stubborn pounds? Are you ready to FEEL BETTER, once and for all? Often, the biggest challenges in achieving the weight loss, health and energy you desire is through proper education, taking action and breaking free of the BIG FOUR MYTHS:


1. Big KNOWLEDGE: Poor and/or conflicting information continues to flood the media and internet, misleading the public, year after year, leading to overwhelming, confusing and poor choices about health, dieting and fitness. The misinformation about proper nutrition is rampant.

2. Big “HEALTH CARE”: The current model of “health care” is not actually Health Care. It is a Disease Management system that is not designed to support reversal of disease processes while increasing vitality and health. The system reacts by continued prescriptions of pharmaceuticals and surgery, becoming one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States.

3. Big PHARMA: Huge pharmaceutical companies are interested in huge profits and creating life-long customers who will deliver those profits day in and day out. The Goal: Getting people on drugs as early as possible and keep them on those drugs for as long as possible; then continue adding new ones, without actually resolving the cause of your underlying health issues. It’s an illusion, thinking you are better because your symptoms have been “managed”, while the disease process is still occurring in your body.

4. Big CHEMICALS & BIOTECH: The quality of our food has drastically declined, and our choices appear to have increased – even “healthy” choices are NOT healthy! The overwhelming availability of “foods” that are laden with chemicals, additives, denatured, genetically modified, cheap, processed and outright damaging “food” is a direct cause of the health crisis in our country, especially for our children and grandchildren.

For the first time in human history, the current generation growing up has a shorter life expectancy than their parents. That is sobering!! It is up to you to get the right knowledge to get healthy, stay healthy, lose the weight, restore health and balance, and physically model for this generation what it is to be healthy in order for everyone to have the best chance at a healthy, abundant life.

“Your Health is Your Wealth!” ~ Dr. Cole
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