Here Are Some Myths Concerning Diet And Weight Loss

January 24, 2012

MYTH: Overweight is a disease that leads to other diseases.

FACT: Overweight is a symptom of diminished wellness — a wake up call that things are going wrong in your body. It’s the same diminished wellness that leads to common diseases such as hardened or clogged arteries, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. So excess fat doesn’t really cause these diseases for the most part, it’s just a warning sign that you’re suffering from bad habits and poor health.


MYTH: The main purpose of body fat is to insulate and cushion you.

FACT: The body has chemical messengers that trigger fat to be stored as energy. If you’re overweight and can’t lose those unwanted pounds, your chemical messengers (hormones) are not functioning properly.


MYTH: Eating fat makes you fat.

FACT: No. It’s the inability to burn fat that makes you fat. Chronically overweight people burn carbs very easily, but they burn stored fat only with much difficulty (if at all). It takes the right knowledge and a measured effort to become a fat burner. It doesn’t happen by itself.


MYTH: If you can’t lose weight and keep it off, there’s something wrong with your willpower and discipline.

FACT: If you can’t lose weight and keep it off, it’s because there’s something wrong with your health. Millions of people in this country experience strong and continually distracting hunger urges even though they are taking in more than the number of calories they need to sustain their body weight. These are powerful biological urges that stem from hormonal imbalances. Most will tell you that it’s as if they have a little devil on their shoulder constantly whispering, “eat more bad stuff, get fatter.”


There’s only one solution: You’ve got to get that devil off your shoulder.

When you follow my science – and fact-based Metamorphosis program, you’ll be able to balance your hormones and get your diet, gland behavior, and exercise levels into the health zone. Your cravings will then disappear and you’ll enjoy lasting weight loss as well as a new sense of health and vitality.


MYTH: The real secret to weight loss is moderation in all things.

FACT: False, false, false. If you have a stubborn weight problem, moderation won’t work for you until you get healthy. In fact, moderation may be impossible while that hormone devil is whispering in your ear.


Further, when it comes to weight-loss programs, one size does not fit all, despite what all the fads and authorities have told you. Different body types and different hormone rebalance challenges need different solutions. You must tailor your approach to you, and you must know how to tailor it. That’s why you sometimes need the help of a qualified, professional wellness practitioner.

Do you know what weight-loss solution is best for your body type? Do you even know what your body type is and why your extra weight hangs on you the way it does?

Believe it or not, how your extra weight lays on you gives us tremendous insight into the glands and hormones that are creating your stubborn weight loss problems and what you must do to reverse the downward spiral.


MYTH: Exercise along with healthy foods is the key to permanent weight loss.

FACT: Getting close to the truth. But if you don’t get the right type of exercise and healthy foods for your body type and metabolism, your form of exercise and food choices can actually stop you from losing weight, or even make you gain it. You must know what type of exercise and foods are right for YOU. Further, you’ll need to go beyond just diet and exercise for lifelong success.