Spring into Fitness Fun Facts

May 26, 2012

– Studies have shown your life expectancy might increase by up to two hours for every hour you walk. (grab your shoes and get walking)

– The average person you will walk about 70,000 miles during their lifetime.

– Did you know that it only takes 100 too many calories each day to gain 10 pounds in a year? (that can creep up quickly!)

– Did you know that it only takes a deficit of 500 calories a day to lose a pound a week? (that’s like 2 cans of soda pop, or 2 candy bars, or 2 Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks – surely you can do without those right?!)

– Did you know that a pound of muscle burns about 9 calories a day, and a pound of fat only burns 2?

– People that get enough Vitamin D are an average of 16 pounds lighter than those that don’t. (Vitamin D is not just in milk, go for a walk and get some sunlight!)