Stress, Hormones, & Belly FAT

June 10, 2013

It’s gut-wrenching for me to see a new patient walk into my wellness center who is too far gone for me to help them reverse their pain and ravaged health. Sadly, they’ve allowed too much damage to take place for too long. Oh, yes, I can almost always make them more comfortable without some drug-store product clouding and numbing their senses, but I just can’t get used to serving these troubled ones and their faded hopes for restored health.


I’m no wimp by a long shot, yet sometimes I cry at night having examined them and listened to their stories of anguish. I wish it could be different for them.  The problem is that these broken souls have been accepting a slowly diminishing quality of life for years — maybe even decades. They’ve been riding a slow-moving “conveyor belt to hell” that leads to the pits of misery. In truth, their quality of life began slipping from their grasp long ago, with plenty of forewarning.


Now, their “conveyor belt” future (or perhaps their present) contains things like:


  • Chronic disease symptoms such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart/circulatory disorders.
  • Female problems, prostate problems, and hearing problems.
  • Wheel chairs, canes, walkers, motorized carts, oxygen bottles, and adult diapers.
  • Brittle bones and shrunken, stooped bodies, plus a medical specialty  designed just for “old people” called geriatrics.
  • Heart bypass scars and the horrors of Alzheimer’s.
  • The life-altering and often life-destroying devastation of chemotherapy.
  • Financial ravages resulting from explosive medical fees, drug costs, and “assisted” living expenses.


Of course, there’s more to the picture, but you get the idea. It’s a credible overview of the state of public health, yes? All you have to do is look at the people around you to see what is going on.  Does that picture contain a future that you want to experience? Even more important, are some of the images in the picture already hitting a little too close to home?


Let me tell you what creates such a picture in case you don’t already know. The vast majority of those who ride the conveyor belt to hell have made many, many poor health choices over a long period. The saddest thing is that most of the riders didn’t even know they were making poor choices. They listened to trusted voices, but those voices were not coming from those versed in protecting health. Rather, the voices were coming from those versed in sickness care and symptom-masking through drugs. Although both sickness care and drugs are necessary under certain conditions, they are not the tools of wellness and prevention.


Other “trusted” voices that have been leading our country on a rapid downward spiral in health are those coming from the processed and fast-food industries. Those voices tell us in their endless advertising and world-class marketing lingo that they are bringing good things to life.

But it’s a big, FAT lie.


It’s not our lives that are reaping the “good” things. Instead, it’s the food processors’ lives that benefit because cheap, denatured, calorie-loaded, fat-dripping, trans-fat-impregnated, chemical-laden, and chemically addictive products are so very profitable! That junk is everywhere!


Look. Everyone is destined to leave the planet. In the end, our bodies just stop working because that’s part of nature’s blueprint.  But must we create and experience a personal decline over many decades because we embrace sickness care and junk food?  No.  I don’t want that for myself or my family.  I don’t want it for you and yours either.  Give us a call if you are ready to get started on reclaiming your youth and vitality.  No excuses, just progress, results, and a healthier happier you!