Too Much Stress Accelerates Aging and Leads To Poor Health

January 11, 2012

Step Number One towards Reclaiming Your Health

Manage your stress and you’ll dramatically reduce your time on the “conveyor belt.”

That’s right. It’s not the passage of calendar years that creates the symptoms of “aging” and deterioration that we see and feel. Rather, what gets to you is stress that you don’t have the health to handle as it arises. Therefore, chronic stress “piles up” in the form of negative conditions that take their toll physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes even spiritually.

No, you can’t change your calendar age, but you can resist or even reverse years of stress damage by using my easy-to-follow Metamorphosis protocols. My patients are happy to report that you can reverse years of poor health by changing your lifestyle and incorporating the tried and true day-to-day
techniques I outline in my program.

The sooner you start, the better the results. It’s all about learning science-based secrets for “ageless” living and shattering the perpetual health-and-fitness myths that cloud the vision of so many of us. With my innovative approach — the advanced Metamorphosis approach — you’ll be able to get a handle on
runaway stress and its effects. With this comes the start of optimized living.